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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery:  Lip Augmentation / Lip Reduction

Kyoung Charles Kim, MD is a Beverly Hills/ Orange County plastic surgeon that performs cosmetic plastic surgery of the face, breast and body.

The Orange County Plastic Surgeon performs Lip Augmentation surgery regularly, as it is a common procedure that indivduals are looking to have done. This non-surgical procedure is a quick one and has nearly an instantaneous impact on the aesthetics of the face.

Lip augmentation is a plastic surgery that improves the aesthetic appearance of the patient's lips by making fuller, plumper lips and reduces wrinkles near the oral cavity.  The patient's lips can be altered in many different ways using fillers or with the patient's own body-fat that is taken from another location of the patients body.  The Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon will provide an overview of all of the options that are available to the patient during the consultation.

The LA Area Plastic Surgeon also performs lip reduction surgery.  Certain races have pronounced lips that can appear oversized and therefore would look more aesthetically pleasing reduced.  This fast and scarless procedure yields fast results and tremendous patient satisfaction. 

Lip reduction procedures, otherwise known as cheiloplasty, is a plastic surgery where the lips are decreased in overall size and shaped more symmetrically.

A lip reduction surgical procedure is often undergone in one of Dr. Kim's surgery suites as out-patient surgery.  Typically the procedure takes about half and hour and only requires a local form of anesthetic.

Please review the greater LA area Plastic Surgeon's Before & After Lip Reduction Plastic Surgery Gallery: Lip Reduction

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