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As a Beverly Hills and an Orange County Board-certified plastic & cosmetic surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim can help to both reshape and also resize a woman's nipple & areola, giving the area a more aesthetic and appealing look. For a number of women, the size and/or shape of their nipples and their areolas can cause a significan amount of insecurity.  In addition, comfort issues can result from nipples that may protrude too far or that are inverted. At the same time, the areola may be too large or just cover a bit too much of the frontal breast region, resulting in a less than appealing appearance.

The nipple reduction procedure that Dr. Kim performs is rather short, quite simple and most definitely uncomplicated.  It results in a completely new appearance for the patient's nipple and/or for the areola. If it proves necessary, Beverly Hills breast surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim will cosmetically improve both the nipple region and also the areola concurrently, or just simply improve the nipple region or the areola alone. The time spent resting and healing is relatively short for each procedure, with the sutures that are utilized on the incisions in order to help keep them together.

Beverly Hills and Orange County Nipple Reduction

For such a straightforward and simple procedure, the benefits of areola and nipple procedures are:

A more balanced and also a more proportioned appearance for your areolas & nipples

The elimination of any discomfort and/or pain that is associated with protruding or inverted nipples

An increased level of self esteem and confidence with your new and improved appearance as well as the physical feel of your breasts

It is a permanent procedure

Contact Orange County cosmetic surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim for your breast procedure requirements, including areola and nipple procedures. Dr. Kim and his dedicated staff will provide you with an honest upfront consultation in order to give you the widest array of procedures and options to choose from.

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