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Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Post Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

Following massive weight loss from a weight loss surgical procedure, excess skin, or sagging skin can remain leaving the individual interested in pursuing post weight loss plastic surgery.  Dr. K. Charles Kim is is a leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery after weight loss.

Patients that experience extreme weight loss are thrilled with the reduction in body fat and their new found lease on life, but with the extra skin that remains, they are still unlikely to truly feel like the healthy, fit person they want to be seen as.

When it comes to having plastic surgery after a major change in body weight, the difference between that and other forms of plastic surgery is that the entire body needs to be contoured, not just certain parts of the body.  The remaining excess skin will have folds or sagginess in areas such as the hips, stomach, arms, thighs and breasts.  By lifting or contouring this excess skin, it can not only improve the appearance, but also help down the road and non-stretched skin will not need to account for the extra weight of sagging skin to ruin its laxity.

One of the critical choices that occur when choosing to have this type of procedure performed is the timing.  In order to achieve the best results, the patient should be in a position where they have lost the total amount of weight that they expect to lose, or at least be close to that goal.

With that being said, typical patients lose weight in some areas, but not others following their weight loss surgery.  When this occurs it is wise to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Kim as he can provide an accurate diagnosis of what can be done to improve the area where significant weight loss has occurred. 

To schedule a free consultation with Dr. K. Charles Kim regarding after weight loss plastic surgery, fill out the form on our contact page or give us a call today.  With two offices located in the Greater Los Angeles area (Beverly Hills and Orange County), we are just a 15 minute drive from most cities.  Contact us today and learn how post weight loss plastic surgery can change the way you look and feel!