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Post Weight Loss Cosmetic Surgery
Post Weight Loss Cosmetic Surgery

The popularity of bariatric and weight loss surgery procedures is dramatically changing people's bodies, but without post weight loss cosmetic surgery, many individuals experience sagging skin and excess skin folds as a result of the weight loss.

An individual who just lost a ton of excess weight will feel great about doing so but this excess skin that remains can temper their delight.  This is where Dr. K. Charles Kim can help, assisting the patient in a post weight loss cosmetic surgery procedure that will enhance their body after the weight loss.

Cosmetic surgery procedures after weight loss are different from a majority of cosmetic surgery procedures.  This is because patients seeking to have cosmetic surgery post weight loss experience sagging and excess skin folds throughout their entire body, rather than just in their stomach, thighs or arms. 

As Dr. K. Charles Kim is able to remove the excess skin, he also sculpts the parts of the body and adjusts how the skin looks, removing excess skin to create a nature, firm look. By doing this, Dr. Kim is able to make sure that no skin hangs on the arms or thighs, that the buttocks is lifted and tight and the stomach and breast have a firm, sexy, lean look.
The post weight loss cosmetic surgery procedures are often spread out over time so that an individual may continue to lose weight from the weight loss or bariatric surgery, and not need to worry about having a full-scale cosmetic procedure and then needing to return to have another one performed on their whole body at another time.

The best step to take at the beginning is to speak with Dr. Kim yourself.  A consultation with Dr. Kim is free and is easy to do at either his Beverly Hills or Orange County offices.  Simply fill out the contact form on our contact page, or give us a call and learn how post weight loss cosmetic surgery can change how you and other view your body!