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Asian Nose Surgery  /  Asian Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeon

The board-certified cosmetic surgeon K. Charles Kim, MD will most certainly get you the results you are looking for from rhinoplasty, otherwise known as "nose job", surgery, with your particular ethnicity. Dr. K. Charles Kim is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon and he has performed such procedures on a variety of patients, with all kinds of different ethnic backgrounds.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim provides unique results on every rhinoplasty procedure that he performs. The particular method he would utilize for your unique facial structure will be individually discussed with you during your schedule complimentary consultation with him, as a Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeon.  During your consultation at his facilities in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles or the Orange County area, Dr. Kim will carefully inspect your nose and your particular facial features. Together with Dr. Kim you can decide what sort of nose-reshaping changes you'd like to see.

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 In regards to Asian Rhinoplasty - Asian Rhinoplasty is the second most common cosmetic procedure among Asians! The usual goal of Asian Rhinoplasty is to alter and create:

    an aesthetically-pleasing, contoured nasal bridge
    a well-projected and/or well-defined nature to the nasal tip
    to reduce the particular width and/or the flare of the nostrils, if this is necessary

Ultimately, your best-in-class asian "nose job" surgery from Dr. Kim will create better facial harmony and facial balance, with individualised respect to your entire facial structure!

Dr. Kim is continually expanding and refining his Asian nose surgery skills. For this, he has kept up with a schedule dedicated to frequently traveling to the most distinguished clinics in countries such as South Korea in order to continue to keep abreast of the latest techniques in Asian eyelid surgery, asian nose surgery and even specific facial contouring from some of the most respected names in the cosmetic surgery field: Doo Byung Yang, MD from the Jelim Clinic, Byung Gun Kim, MD from the BK Clinic, Taek Keun Kwon, MD of the Kwon Institute of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Geun Ho Park, MD and also Jeong Ho Choi, MD. With years of specific training and by continually refining his aesthetic and cosmetic surgery talents, Dr. K. Charles Kim has mastered numerous procedures.  He can offer you a uniquely customised surgery that can provide you with the most naturally attractive results, without removing your uniquely ethnic characteristics.

As a Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kim will perform your particular asian rhinoplasty surgery by utilizing either a closed or an open procedure depending on your nose contours and shape, your internal anatomy and finally, based on the desired result you want.

Closed Asian Rhinoplasty Procedure

The incision is performed inside the nostril. It is through this incision which the silicone nasal implant is placed in order to adjust your nasal bridge. Through this incision, a small bit of cartilage that is taken from your ear will be put onto the tip of your nose in order to define better projection and better definition of your nose tip. This incision made on your ear is very well-hidden and the unique shape of your particular ear won't change. A primary element in gaining the desired bridge for every individual’s nose is the specific carving and tailoring of the silicone nasal implant. Dr. K Charles Kim is completely meticulous in defining and shaping your particular implant to complete an aesthetically-pleasing, harmonious nasal bridge that will enhance the aesthetic beauty of your features.

Open Asian Rhinoplasty Procedure

The Open procedure is used with patients where a bit more internal work is necessary to the bridge and/or to the tip of the nose. This technique uses a small incision across the columella, which is the flesh between your nostrils, in order to expose the proper internal structures. Then, your existing nasal cartilage and your bony bridge can then be worked on before the placement of implants and the tip graft is performed, if that is necessary, in your unique case.


The choices when it comes to a particular implant material used to augment or alter the nasal bridge is very controversial, with strong proponents for each different type of implant. To be sure, the "gold-standard" would be to always utilize the patient’s very own tissues!  These tissues would include the septal or the auricular cartilage. While these choices are preferrable, unfortunately most Asian patients rarely have the sufficient amounts of cartilage at these particular locations to properly augment the nasal bridge. Some other tissues that are used more often are portions of the skull and/or the rib cartilage or rib bone. They prove, however, to be "bulky" and can be very difficult to alter precisely to the required shape for their obiviously delicate positioning. Dr. K. Charles Kim would prefer to use these particular sources of tissue for significant reconstructive cases, such as a major facial trauma or from a cancer resection. Asian Rhinoplasty, however is a wholly cosmetic technique and it most definitely requires a very high level of careful finesse as well as artistic control.  This can be achieved more readily when silicone implants are used.

Another material that is more commonly used is Gore-Tex, which is utilized to better alter the nasal bridge. Gore-Tex may compress with time, however. sometimes by as much as 40%.  Because of this, Dr. Kim prefers to use Gore-Tex only when a very subtle bridge augmentation is required.  This particular implant is best executed using an open rhinoplasty technique.

Asian Rhinoplasty is an intricate and delicate surgical technique that can aesthetically increase the quality of your overall facial appearance. With Dr. Kim’s precise techniques and artistic quality, you will achieve aesthetic balancing to the most obvious point of your facial structure, without leaving any particular signs of the surgical procedure you've had!