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Asian Double Eyelid Surgery / Asian Blepharoplasty

The Asian Eyelid Surgeon K. Charles Kim, MD is available for Asian Eyelid Double Fold Plastic Surgeries. Asian Eyelid Surgery is performed on an out-patient basis our surgery suites in Los Angeles. or the Orange County. Asian Double Fold Surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim is proud to offer fully complimentary consultations to his prospective patients.

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Asian double eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic plastic surgeries among Asian patients. An asian eyelid procedure is fairly simple when it is compared to other surgeries, but there are few other plastic surgery procedures that require as much precision and care as Asian blepharoplasty. This is due to even if there is simply a 1 millimeter difference in the height or in the curvature of the crease, it can result in a pronounced skewed look and would have an impace on your aesthetic beauty.

Being a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon,  K. Charles  Kim, MD has garnered his phenomenal reputation as an Asian eyelid specialist by constantly striving for perfection.  His work is extremely careful and artistic. LA Asian Eyelid Specialist Dr. Kim not only has the skillset to achieve your desired surgical results, but he also has garnered the insights needed in order to properly communicate and listen to the specific needs of his valued patients.

Upon your free surgical consultation, the Asian Eyelid Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kim will map out your specific eyelid anatomy as well as the unique look of your eyelid crease.  He will discuss and take into account the information you give him about the look you desire.

There are a number of different techniques that are available in order to achieve a double eyelid. Each different surgical technique has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. As Asian Eyelid Plastic Surgeon, Dr. K. Charles Kim will show you the available styles for your desired eyelid look.  He will give astute suggestions for the most optimal result. Your choice of asian eyelid surgical procedure recommended by Asian Plastic Surgeons such as Dr. Kim will certainly rely your own specific anatomy as well as your desires for your particular aesthetic look.

 To continually widen and fully master the wide variety of Asian Plastic Surgery techniques such as Asian Eyelid Double Fold Surgery, Doctor K. Charles Kim continues to travel to some of the most prestigious surgical suites in South Korea in order to gain and refine unique procedures in Asian eyelid surgery, asian rhinoplasty, and specific facial contour techniques from acclaimed names in the plastic surgery industry: Taek Keun Kwon, MD (Kwon Institute of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), Doo Byung Yang, MD (Jelim Clinic), Geun Ho Park, MD, Byung Gun Kim, MD (BK Clinic) and Jeong Ho Choi, MD.

By continually refining his years of surgical training as well as working on his dazzling artistry, the Asian Plastic Surgery expert Dr. K. Charles Kim has mastered a variety of procedures.  Do to his broad knowledge, you can be assured that you will receive a customized surgical procedure that will achieve for you the optimal natural aesthetically-pleasing result without losing your particular ethnic characteristics.

If you wish to be considered for Asian eyelid surgery, there is no need to look at other options. Dr. Kim is one of a handful of Asian eyelid surgery providers who offer this unique ethnic technique. Due to his Board Certification, his constant training in Asian Eyelid Surgery as well as his knowledge in Blepharoplasty, you can rest easy in knowing that you will get the beautiful, vivid eye look that you have been seeking out!

Non Incisional Asian Eyelid Double Fold Surgery

Technique - This particular procedure is tailored to youthful Asian patients who have eyelids that are thin-skinned.  It is important to note that Asian double eyelid surgeries are readily performed without any incisions or cutting.  Instead, sutures are performed on the inside of the eyelid in order to achieve a wholly new crease appearance. LA Asian Eyelid Surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim uses either two interwoven suture loops (known as DST) or otherwise will perform five independent fixation-sutures.  The difference and choice depends wholly on the patient’s unique anatomy as well as the shape they desire to achieve. Note that there aren't any scars left by the procedure. Swelling will be very minimal, as well.

Incisional Asian Eyelid Double Fold Surgery

Technique - (includes partial as well as full-incisional) - This is meant for asian patients with a thicker, more heavy eyelid.  In addition, patients with excess fat in their upper eyelids make for more optimal candidates for this particular technique.

Partial Incision Asian Eyelid Double Fold Surgery

Technique - With the partial incision, a small cut (5 millimeters) is performed on the mid-lateral area of the patient's eyelid.  This is done along the intended eyelid crease, with excess fatty tissue removed through the incision. The remaining portion of the patient's eyelid crease is then created in much the same way as the non-incision procedure. Note that when utilizing this procedure there are only tiny 5 millimeter scars as well as minimal swelling.

Full Asian Eyelid Double Fold Surgery

Technique - Full Incision procedures are usually recommended by Asian Plastic Surgery specialist Dr. K. Charles Kim when there are thick or excessive eyelid skin areas, fatty deposits, ptosis (also known as droopy eyelids), or even when simply a more proncounced look is desired by the patient. When using a full incision technique, excess skin and fatty deposits are removed. Ptosis can be corrected at this time, as well. Our patients will have a bit of swelling as well as a small scar where the cut was performed.

Epicanthoplasty Surgery

Technique  - Asian eyelid have a unique characteristic that is known as the epicanthal fold. This fold is located at the innermost area of the upper eyelid.

Epicanthoplasty is a surgical technique that can be used to pronounce the length of the patient's eye.  This creates an appearance of a wider eye and is most often utilized alongside the Asian double eyelid surgical procedure. Though there are many different ways of performing this procedure, Dr. Kim has utilized a technique that places the scar-line in the lower eyelash line in order to most optimally mask the scar. This technique is designed to brighten as well as more widely open the area of your eye.

With his continual training and constantly striving to perfect his cosmetic surgery artistry the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Asian Eyelid Double Fold Plastic Surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim has refined most of the Asian Eyelid Plastic Surgery procedures.  He offers uniquely-tailored Asian Eyelid surgeries that are customized to be the best for your paritcular eyelid anatomy.  Dr. Kim will make sure that you receive the natural, aesthetically-pleasing result you're looking for, only without erasing your personal ethnic characteristic. The doctor/patient relationship is vital in establishing and reaching your unique personal look through cosmetic surgery. LA Asian Eyelid Surgeon Dr. Kim is committed in his dedication to his valued patients.  He strives each time to give each of them the full knowledge, peace of mind and support that they need to make such a critical personal decision.