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Patient Financing

Patient Financing is available.  Credit Card and cash are accepted. 

Dr. K. Charles Kim offers patients the option to finance their procedure through Care  Credit.  Please click below to go to the Care Credit website for more information.


care credit


Furthermore, some procedures may be covered by your medical insurance.  

Panniculectomy (adbominal skin excess removal): If excessive abdominal skin results in health problems such as back pain, skin sores and rashes, or interferes with daily activities, you may qualify for insurance coverage.

Breast Surgery (reduction or recponstruction): Excessive large breast size causing back and shoulder pains, large male breasts, or congenital breast deformities may also be covered.

Ear Surgery : Congential ear deformities or deformities from injuries may be covered.

Eyelid Surgery:   Surgery to remove excessively drooping eyelid skin that obstructs vision may be covered.

Nasal Surgery: If performed to correct deformities causing problems with breathing.

We can confirm if your condition would be considered reconstructive and can help you with contacting your insurance company.  For more information about financing or insurance, or to arrange a free consultation call 1-866-955-5530.