K. Charles Kim, M.D.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Diplomate, The American Board of Plastic Surgery
Serving L.A. & Orange County
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Brazilian Butt Lift / Fat Transfer to Buttock



   Full Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty



         Body Sculpture / Liposuction



           Arm Lift / Brachioplasty


The following is a list of some of the procedures offered by Dr K. Charles Kim.  See procedure menu for a full list or press the numbered links for more details.

1. Butt Augmentation (click for more info)

          Brazilian Butt Lift

          Fat Transfer to Buttock

          Butt Implant

2. Abdominoplasty (click for more info)

          Mini Tummy Tuck

          Full Tummy Tuck

          Post Bariatric Tummy Tuck

          Tummy Tuck Revision

          Dog Ear Deformity Correction

          Body Lift

          Truncal Lift

          Circumferential Body Lift

3. Liposuction (click for more info)


          Body Contouring

          Body Sculpture

          Ultasound vaser Liposuction

          Laser Liposuction

          Flank Liposuction

          Thigh Liposuction

          Knee Liposuction

          Arm Liposulpture

4. Arms (click for more info)

          Arm Lift


5. Thigh Lift (click for more info)

          Thigh Lift

           Thigh Plasty