Body reshaping, breast lifting, augmentation etc are a few of the terms that resound inside the head of a middle age woman. Getting back to the pre-pregnancy shape is what most mothers long for. A few cosmetic surgeries have been found effective on those longing to get rid of their sagging stomach, heavy thighs and hips and other problem areas of their body. Liposuction in Orange County is performed by doctors who have prior experience and expertise in treating these skin conditions. If done the right way, the treatment can last long, provide you the best results. The treatment is highly sought after, and generally requires a balanced diet and regular exercising to maintain the effect.



Liposuction and mommy makeovers are not just cosmetic procedures that surgeons recommend if you are obese or if you consider it an alternative to easy fat removal. Each treatment has complications as well, accompanying the benefits. Those who have heart problems or who have disorders such as frequent blood clots or thrombophilia are never encouraged to try the treatment. Mommy makeover plastic surgeons have successfully repaired sagging tummies and other pregnancy related concerns. Women get loose skin after giving birth. It is quite promising to take up any of the cosmetic surgeries to ensure your body is restored and the looks are improved to get closer to the pre-pregnancy body. However, in the event you fail to maintain your body after the treatment, there are high chances for the fat bulges to return and that your body might gain weight than before.


Owing to the high demands, augmentation methods are still pricey. Medical devices implanted underneath the muscle of the chest can create wonders such as increase the breast size, lifting it, or to rebuild the tissues underneath. Both saline and silicon-gel types have a silicon body, and can transform or restructure the physical appearance of the breasts. The treatments have complications, so breast implants in Orange County are generally performed by certified plastic surgeons leaving the patient under general or local anesthesia.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

It is up to the surgeons to decide which type of implant suits you. All complications associated with it are discussed prior to agreeing for the surgery. Those who are seeking the surgery for reconstruction purposes might be considering it after chemotherapy or radiation therapies. The procedures are known to have complications such as asymmetry, infections, rupture, firmness etc. The body of certain patients does not react positively after the injection of the implants. Severe cases demand the instant removal of the devices. Breast lift in Beverly Hills has been found to gain more attention, as the procedure requires no injection of implants and that the tissues are firmed and tightened to reshape them. Women who recently gave birth, breastfed, or had weight fluctuations are those who seek the procedure. Mastopexy or the lift surgery has very little complications, and patients experience long lasting results following a healthy lifestyle. Any significant changes in the body that can happen during pregnancy or weight loss/gain can considerably reverse or change the effects of Mastopexy.


The importance of having a charming body forces many women to seek cosmetic surgeries that can dramatically change their looks. These days, the procedures are considerably affordable, be it liposuction or a breast augmentation technique. Certified plastic surgeons are the ones who carry out these surgeries to make sure nothing goes wrong. The effectiveness of the surgeries can be assured through the high levels of customer satisfactions and their testimonials. If you are looking for a breast lift, butt lift or liposuction in Orange County, you are at luck as the region has many expert surgeons qualified to undertake the surgery leaving chances for very little risk.


Brazilian Butt Lift/Fat Transfer to Buttock

Brazilian Butt Lift/Fat Transfer to Buttock

The surgeries do not claim to be a 100% healthy way to enhance your looks. Yet performed by an expert surgeon under favorable physical circumstances, your risks can be limited. The demand of each woman varies. Brazilian butt lift is another procedure that has gained prominent attention as that of breast augmentation methods. Even those with less mass in the butt area and those with excess fat can consider a Brazilian butt lift surgeon in Orange County. Those with extremely sagging skin are not the candidate for the surgery. They might require a butt lift surgery instead of the Brazilian technique. The surgeon performs liposuction of the hips, buttocks and the lower back in general. In special cases, other areas need to be liposuctioned. The liposuctioned fat is inserted into the buttock area to accentuate and enhance its looks. Having the rest of the area surrounding the buttock liposuctioned, will leave you with a toned hip area with enhanced buttocks.


The increase in demand for cosmetic procedures has given way to innovative techniques such as eyelid surgery. Surgeons compete to certify for the procedures that can be performed both on men and women. The surgeries were once expensive choices, and remain so no more. They are accessible to even the average population, who generally demand such treatments to enhance their looks. For them, the surgeries are a great way to get rid of the defects in the body that are caused due to accidents, injuries, medical conditions or were present right from birth. The techniques help boost their confidence and improve their self esteem. One such is the tummy tuck or the abdominoplasty that can firm loose or saggy abdomen after removing the excess skin and fat from the area. Needless to mention, abdominoplasty in Orange County  has many candidates including women longing to get back their pre-pregnancy shape, men with sagging or loose tummy, and those who have excess fat in the area.

Mini Abdominoplasty

Mini Abdominoplasty

The cosmetic procedures do not just limit the services to the breasts, hips, back and abdomen. Technological advancements have given rise to techniques that can improve the imperfections of the eye by improving the appearance of the eyelids. This can be done through removing the excess skin, wrinkles and bags around the eye area. Asian eyelid surgery in Los Angeles is gaining a lot of popularity owing to its positive outcomes. The procedure It can get rid of the puffiness around the eye area and tighten any loose or sagging skin. The results are extremely satisfactory for the many candidates seeking the surgery.


Mommy makeover plastic surgery is all about making all the busy mothers feel and look good. There are some effects that a woman cannot fight without the help of a surgeon. The makeover is inclusive of a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast augmentation. This process is very popular today especially for women who want to get rid of the ugly excess skin after childbirth. Breastfeeding also brings about sagging of breasts but just ensure that you go for the procedure after your baby has had their share fair share of nutrition.

Mommy Makeover -  Breast/Tummy combined

Mommy Makeover – Breast/Tummy combined

Is this for the rich women only?

It is true that Mommy makeover plastic surgery is a bit expensive but the fact is that it is popular not because of the well to do females but because of the common woman taking charge of things. You simply need to save for it just as you save for your Caribbean holiday. Many of the surgeons who engage in this practice offer their clients a financial program that will enable them pay for the procedure. Installments are not allowed but still something appropriate can be arranged. A financing company can also be of great help.

Mommy is daddy’s girl

Motherhood should not overwhelm you to the point of abandoning your looks. It is a beautiful experience but you should know that there is another person who simply loves you. If you can’t look good for him then look good for yourself.  What really happens to your breasts in this procedure of Mommy makeover plastic surgery? First and foremost some skin is removed from it so that it does not sag. If there are areas where excess fat has stored itself in the body they are removed. The mid-section of your abdomen will be made flatter by tightening the abdominal muscles.

Find out more

In the recent years women have changed their attitude towards Mommy makeover plastic surgery but still ignorance should be avoided. Any woman who is of good health and is through with bearing children can go for this procedure. This is because the procedure is to make you look good not ruin your motherhood. The first consultation is all about your medical history and any other concerns you may have. A mode of treatment will also be discussed.  The operation is not done at once. It can be done in two stages as it all depends on what parts you want to be dealt with. The best way of preparing oneself for the procedure is to be sure why they are doing it and what they hope to achieve in the end. You can still have babies but you will have to wait for a certain period of time but be wise and go for it when you are really ready so that you can fully enjoy the benefits.


When you lose lots of weight your skin remains homeless and it simply hangs on there for the entire world to see but there is a way of going about it.  One can go for Plastic surgery post weight loss. This is after they have ensured that they are the right candidate for the procedure. The first thing they should ask themselves is if their weight has been stable for at least one year and they are not expecting it to reduce any further. The next question is are they in good health? Those who are suffering from conditions such as diabetes cannot qualify for the process as they are having a chronic condition. Eating well is part of the plan and poor nutrition is a disqualifier. Do not smoke; stay at least six weeks before the surgery without smoking and this will not hurt.

Preparing for the big day

As part of preparation for your Plastic surgery post weight loss you can visit your specialist’s offices and ask them all the questions that you have. It is also important that you let them know your expectations and explain why you decided to go for this kind of option.  Talk about your medical history and if you do have some allergies mention them in advance. You might not want to hear this but the surgeon will also let you know the risks that may occur so that you can make an informed decision.

The procedure

Plastic surgery post weight loss involves a number of things one of them being the tummy tuck which is actually done on the abdomen. The excess skin is removed and then abdominal muscles are made tighter.  If there is skin that is overhanging on your belly then you can have panniculectomy done on you. A belt lipectomy is for those who want their thighs or buttocks lifted. There are several procedures for the breast with or without use of implants. With all the procedures there are risks to be encountered for instance;

  • Loss of skin
  • Poor healing
  • Bleeding
  • Discoloration of the skin
  • Numbness
  • Swelling
  • Persistent pain
  • Repeating surgery and others

How to heal

For one to say that their Plastic surgery post weight loss procedure was a success they will have to have a successful healing. Bandages are usually wrapped around the operated area with lube put under the skin to drain any fluid that might have been collected including blood. There will be restrictions on your physical activities. You will not lift anything more than six pounds and there will be no exercise. Your body will have bruises, swelling and soreness for at least three weeks but do ensure that your recovery is being monitored by the doctor so that nothing out of the normal occurs.



post bariatric plastic surgery orange countyWhat to Expect During Post Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

Significant weight loss that may have been achieved due to proper nutrition and exercise or even some medical treatment definitely has many benefits. The skin may be sagging, loose with body contours appearing unharmonious and irregular, thus denying you the complete pleasure of having achieved your fitness goals. This can be overturned if you opt for post weight loss plastic surgery which involves a procedure to correct baggy skin.

When you lose weight dramatically, you will find that previously stretched skin is now unsupported and pockets of sagging can be observed around stomach, hips, thighs, arms and breasts. Body contouring or lifting the excess skin can help improve the appearance.

The procedure for post weight loss plastic surgery is highly specialized and there are a few doctors who are trained and experienced in the field of body contouring. The surgery can take between 4-6 hours and is done under general anesthesia for the client. Side effects include temporary pain, soreness, swelling, numbness of skin, and feeling tired for several weeks or months. Patients can expect to be back to work in around 3-6 weeks and being able to take on strenuous activity within 4-6 weeks. The flattening and fading of scars may take anywhere between 3 months to 2 years.

Things to Consider

One important thing to keep in mind while opting for this procedure is the timing. For best results, it is advisable that the patient has achieved most of his or her weight loss goals or is close to achieving that goal. There is a tendency for some patients to lose more weight in certain areas of the body. If this occurs, the patient can discuss with the plastic surgeon on the appropriate procedure of action. There are some plastic surgeons who offer a free consultation for diagnosis.

Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery

Bariatric surgery often results in the sagging of the skin or sometimes it even results in addition to the layers of skin. Opting for post bariatric plastic surgery can help skin appear even and good, no matter what your body type is.

There are some premier plastic surgeons with specialized skills in post bariatric plastic surgery. They understand that the purpose is to reshape the body and that those who have had a dramatic weight reduction may have suffered from damage to elasticity of skin.

It would be a wise move to book an appointment for a free consultation and learn about the various benefits and risks. Patients can also see the before and after photographs of successful cases, hear patient testimonials and ask any question they want regarding the procedure with confidence that their confidentiality will be assured. Plastic surgery is an expensive and body altering procedure, so do your research and satisfy all doubts while looking for the best plastic surgeon.


breast augmentation

What to Expect in Different Procedures for Breast Enlargement

Having aesthetic breasts can do wonders to a woman’s self confidence and self esteem, besides providing a balance in the figure of a woman. Some women feel small breasts make them feel undesirable and limit their fashion choices. This is the reason for many women opting for breast augmentation in Beverly Hills.

Who is Eligible?

Normal, healthy adult women with financial means are all eligible to undergo breast augmentation procedures. This procedure is especially popular among women who have small or underdeveloped breasts, asymmetrical breasts or breasts that have reduced in size after a certain age and those requiring reconstructive surgery after mastectomy. The decision to opt for breast augmentation in Beverly Hills is a highly individual one and women of any age can benefit from it.

Different Procedures

Surgical techniques and implants for breast enlargement in Orange County are increasingly becoming sophisticated with inconspicuous incision minimizing the scarring due to the procedure.

Some of the most popular techniques include fat transfer breast enlargement, implants of silicone or saline, endoscopic augmentation and trans umbilical augmentation.

In case of saline implants, a rubber shell made of silicone is inflated inside the breast to the required size using sterile saline gel. The shell surfaces for silicone implants can vary in texture, volume, projection, thickness and shape.

In trans auxiliary endoscopic procedure, the implant is pushed through a small incision (as less as 3 cm) made in the arm pit. Since it is done endoscopic ally, there is greater precision and complete control, thereby giving precise results. Another benefit of this procedure is that there is minimum scarring due to while a more natural look is produced. The surgery takes 1-4 hours for completion with the patient have the choice to opt for general or IV sedation.

In transumblical breast augmentation, a small incision is made in the navel to push through the deflated implants. Once they are in the right place, they are filled with either saline or silicone according to patient’s desired firmness and size. This procedure produces the least amount of scarring and the recovery time is also less.

Fat transfer technique does not require any implants; the fat from the abdomen or flanks is injected into the breasts so that loose skin is filled out. The size of the breast can be increased by up to one cup size.

Choosing the Right Doctor

Plastic surgery is serious business and for breast enlargement in Orange County, a proper consultation with an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon is necessary. The surgeon should guide you through the process, suggest the best course of action, discuss risks and offer good post surgery care. Good communication before and after the breast enlargement procedure is essential for full recovery.

Go to a fully accredited surgical center for procedure so that you get the best pre and post operative specialty care. After all, you deserve the best.


The procedure is a quick, relatively painless, outpatient procedure.  The area will be numbed and Dr. K. Charles Kim board certified plastic surgeon will place a suture between the cheek muscle and the skin creating the effect of a Dimple.

If you have always dreamed of having Dimples please give us a call if you have any questions or you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 1.866.955.5530  or visiting our website and filling out a contact form.


Do you want larger breasts without implants?

Dr. K. Charles Kim is offering Fat Transfer to breasts to enhance/ enlarge breasts or correct asymmetrical breasts.  Fat transfer is when fat cells are harvested from a part of your body and then injected in another area like the breasts, buttock or face.

If you are interested in more information on fat transfer to enhance or correct asymmetry of the breasts give us a call at 1-866-955-5530 or visit our website

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